General info about the gun range

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Please be sure that you review all Issaquah Sportsmen's Club range rules!

Range Facilities
Rifle - 50 and 100 yd.
Pistol - 7yd, 50ft, 25yd and 50yd
All firing line positions are covered.

Non-Member fees
$14/Day Adult
$5/Day Active Duty Military w/I.D.
$3/Day under 18 w/adult
$5/Shotgun maintenance fee (per person)

Membership fees


Shotgun shot shell usage is limited to members only who have passed the shotgun test provided by the range.  an additional $5.00 fee to cover the damage and time to pick up the wads is required.

Members and non-members may sight in shot gun slugs from any open bench provided they pay the additional $5.00 fee to cover wad retrieval.

The Cascade Mountain Men: hold a muzzleloader competition the 3rd Sunday of every month. They usually hold most of the 50 yard targets and all of the 100 yard targets until around 4:00PM. Please keep this in mind when you come to shoot on that day. Pistol shooting is recommended.