Welcome to The Issaquah Sportsmen's Club


Mowing the lawn at the club house. this can be done anytime although it is easier to get the mower out when the range is closed.
We are always looking for members to volunteer to mow the range. There is a John Deer riding mower in the storage shed. The range can be mowed anytime the range is closed.

Pickup rocks in the cut grass area to reduce damage to our mower.  These rocks are from golf ball size to the size of soft balls and are raising havoc with the mower blades.  Rocks can be disposed of behind the 50 yd line berm in the trees.  The problem is particularly bad behind the 50 foot and 25 yd lines and to the right of that area.

The rifle rests need repair.

(those pieces of scrap wood the have been clobbered together) are in need of new carpet to reduce the tendency of the protruding staples and such from scratching the firearm and the shooter.  Also, new ones would be good as there are few of the original ones left intact.  There are pieces of new carpet available.  This work can be done on or off site at any time.