Many of our members are not familiar with the club awards and the annual banquet.

Each year members are selected for the following awards. A plaque, trophy or other memorable token is presented to the award winner at the annual banquet. This is a significant honor. In edition to the awarded trophy, an engraved plaque with a history of all the recent winners resides in the clubhouse as a testament to the previous winners.

Awards are as follows:

Largest Elk (based on points)

Largest Deer (based on points)

Largest Salmon (based on weight)

Largest Steelhead (based on weight)

Inspirational Award selected by the president (based on outstanding service)

Award requests must be turned in 3 weeks prior to dinner and all game must have been taken in Washington State. If you are lucky enough to harvest a bear, cougar or any other legal big game Washington species please also submit those we would like to honor you are the banquet as well.

Anyone taking game can report it to Tom Mechler @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
please provide a picture of the beast so that we can share your success with the rest of the membership.

Generally speaking you are on the honor system when reporting. There is an expectation that for the fish submission that you actually do weigh it. If you report a catch and say "oh I don't know it was probably 7 pounds" don't expect us to believe you  :-), we may likely give the award to someone who says I weighed it and it was 6 pounds.

For the Deer and Elk submissions we will attempt to identify the winner based on size and point count from the picture submitted. However if there is any real dispute we will use the Boon and Crockett measuring system.