Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Shooting at the Range

Issaquah Sportsman Club is happy to encourage boy scouts to come to the range for shooting activities. We ask that you contact the range in advance to make sure we can schedule positions on the firing line.

Please make sure that you follow the Guide to Safe Scouting for shooting activities.

1.    Boy Scouts may shoot single-shot, bolt-action, .22-caliber rifles with removable magazines only. Tubular magazines are not permitted.
2.    All rifle-shooting activities must have a certified NRA Range Safety Officer directly supervising all live fire on the range. Additionally, the instruction offered must be done by a currently certified National Camping School shooting sports director certified as an NRA Rifle Instructor, or an NRA-certified Rifle Instructor or an NRA/USA Shooting/CMP-certified Rifle Coach. These must be two separate individuals.
3.    Shooting safety glasses and ear protection must be worn on rifle ranges.
4.    Care must be taken to comply with federal, state, and local laws.

While Issaquah Sportsman Club does have NRA Certified RSO’s on duty, BSA requires that the RSO supervise no more than 8 scout shooters at a time. If the range is busy with other shooters, they will not be able to give proper supervision to your scouts.