Hunter Ed Classes

Hunter Ed Classes

Hunter Education

Issaquah Sportsmen's Club is proud to be a continued supporter and provider of Washington states hunter education Classes.

"Hunter education is designed to help you enjoy the great out doors. In this course you will learn about outdoor safety, basic wildlife concepts, and responsible use of the outdoors."

For info about the classes that Issaquah Sportsmen's Club provides as well as other classes please visit WDFW web site and review the class schedule and registration forms.



ISC generally provides one class per month in February and May - September.
Each Class consists of 4 weekday classes of 3 hours each and one weekend Class of 4 hours. We also offer online certifications classes where students do most of the work via online course and then are required to attend an in person 4 hour class. Those classes are held through out the year and several in the fall.

Again for specifics Please confirm the Class schedule at the WDFW Website linked above when you register ensure you are clear on start times and dates.