Range Rules

Range Rules

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Hours of operation:
Hours of operation will be those hours the rifle range is closed. These times will be clearly posted at the range. Be aware that the archery range is directly down range of the rifle range, it is imperative that you stay within the boundaries of the shooting lines. Anyone attempting to climb the burm shall expect immediate disciplinary action. Even though there is no expected danger from the rifle range in the event that a shot is heard on the rifle range the archery range will vacated.


The Archery Range is open for use by all members who have reviewed these rules and taken the archery test. At the completion of the test answers must be emailed to the archery director along with your active club member ID number. Once this information is confirmed you will get a combination to the archery range gate.

Each applicant who completes the orientation successfully will be issued a key to the archery range. This member will then be deemed archery certified. Access permission will be at the discretion of the Archery Director. A members archery privileges may be revoked at anytime by any of the officers of the Issaquah Sportsmen Club or any club employee.

Each participant is expected to lock the gate when they leave the range. Only those participants able to display their key will be allowed on the range.

There will be a sign in sheet at the range. Each archer entering the range must sign in. This will help us identify the volume of usage, and to promote responsible behavior.

Members may invite a guest to the range for the purpose of demonstrating the facilities as a precursor to the guest joining the membership. Guests must be accompanied by their club member host at all times. No one guest may use the range more than twice. You are expected to join the club.

Non member groups may be granted permission to use the facilities by the board of directors. It is expected that any group using the facility is expected to adhere to the above rules of the range. Each group must be accompanied by at least one archery certified club member. Groups may include but are not limited to 4H, Boy Scouts, and other youth groups.

Range Operation:

Range Master Duties:

The archery range master will be responsible for behavior and conduct of all participants at the archery range. This will include the enforcement of all range rules.

The range officer will be responsible for determining when the shooting line is clear.

Arrows will be retrieved from the range only when the range master has deemed the range to be clear. This will be indicated either by a series of three whistles or in a clear load voice the “The range is Clear”

Arrows will only be shot when the range master has declared down range is clear and the line is hot. This will be indicated either by a single whistle or in a clear loud voice the “Archers ready the line is hot”

Anyone who enters the archery range must sign in on the sign-in sheet and report to the range master prior to shooting.

The range master shall not use physical force to enforce the rules. The name of the individual not adhering to the rules should be reported as soon a possible to the board of directors and to the archery director.

Range Master Selection:

Any club member who has passed the orientation process and is in good standing of the club is expected to be able to serve as the range master.

By default the first person on the range is the range master. He/She is responsible to function as the range master unless the responsibility has been clearly transferred to another participant present at the range. The range master transfer must be clearly communicated and both parties must agree to the change. The new range master must announce to all shooters, "I am the new range master." It is the responsibility of the range master to negotiate or appoint a replacement range master when they leave the range.

Officers and employees of the club may at their discretion upon entrance to the range assume range officer duties. This is regardless of who arrived at the range first. This transfer can be compulsory and does not need to be negotiated. It is expected that the officer or employee state their identity and standing in the club followed by the announcement that they are assuming range master duties. It must be clearly communicated to all range participants who is the new range master.

While drawing the bow the angle of the arrow must be no more than a 15 degree angle above the target. Anyone not adhering to this rule will be dismissed from the range immediately.

Only two archers per shooting station may be allowed at one time. If more than two archers are interested in shooting a particular target they will need to alternate. After the first two archers finish their arrows the next group may begin as dictated by the range master.

There will be a limit of no more than 8 arrows per end when more than 1 archer is present on the range.

Equipment on the range shall be limited to Archery gear legal hunting gear or equipment recognized as competitive by the NFAA, IBO or FITA.

Paintballs and other non archery specific projectiles will not be allowed on the archery range.

Broad-heads are only allowed on the specifically designated broad-head pit/pits. Shooting broad-heads at any butt not specifically designated and labeled for their use is strictly prohibited.

General Conduct:
Each archer is expected to clean up any paper or trash found on the range and to leave the range in a better condition than they found it. There will not be a trash can provided you are expected to take your trash with you.

Each archer is expected to conduct themselves in an ethical safe and legal fashion. Remember each of you is representing the Issaquah Sportsmen’s club and we hold you to the highest of behavioral standards.

No alcoholic beverages or drugs usage will be permitted on the range.

Disciplinary action:
Anyone found to be in breach of the above stated rules may be subject to one or all of the following actions.

• Immediate dismissal from the range

• Club privileges’ stripped and dues forfeited.

• In an extreme case you may be charged for trespassing or reckless endangerment.

The range master has the authority to dismiss anyone from the range. And to temporarily suspend all club privileges. Any additional disciplinary action to be taken will be decided by the Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club board of directors.

The archery range will be maintained by the club membership. If you use the archery range you are expected to contribute to the upkeep of the range. This can be done by any individual at anytime or through designated work parties. Please report maintenance issues to the Archery Director via email so that the to-do list may be kept current. Contact information will be posted on the website.