Orientation Exam

Orientation Exam

Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club

ISC Archery range orientation test. Print this out at home, fill it out, and bring in your test to the range office to get it graded and receive the gate code.

When are you allowed to climb the BERM to look for arrows?
a) When the rifle range is closed
b) Only in the presence of the Archery Director.
c) Anytime as long as I don’t peek over the top.
d) Never the ISC will designate specific days where a metal detector will be brought in to find lost arrows.

What target butts can you use to shoot your broad heads?
a) Anyone of them if they have an animal target posted on them.
b) Only the ones specifically designated as broad head targets (Sand Pit)
c) Any target that doesn’t specifically say you can’t.
d) Broad heads are too expensive to practice with and don’t belong on the range.

What does it mean if you are the first person on the Range?
a) I should police the range picking up trash so that potential guest that show up don’t see how messy people can be.
b) You are the default range master.
c) Fling a couple of arrows down range to see if anyone yells “hey I’m down here”.
d) Lock the gate behind you to keep the riff raff out.
e) All of the above

What do I do if I need to look behind a butt for an arrow that passed through or missed the butt?

a) Yell to everyone that you need help and perhaps more eyes will decrease the time needed to look for the arrow.
b) Report to the range master you need to look for a passed arrow so he\she doesn’t declare the line hot while you are down range.
c) Place your bow in front of the Target so anyone who tries to shoot it knows you are back there.
d) All of the above are good things to do but item B is the most critical since the range master is controlling the activities on the range.

What if the range master asks me to do something that is specific to the archery range and I disagree?
a) If it is safe and responsible, do it, the range master is in charge and responsible and should be treated with respect.
b) Politely, tell the range master he/she is an idiot and that they should go find someone else to bother.
c) Read the range rules and you’ll probably find they are acting accordingly, if they are not report their behavior to the Archery Director.
d) In a private civil conversation point out the range rule in question, the range should be run in the safest manor possible.
e) Ignore them they are just on a power trip.
f) A, C, D are all acceptable approaches B and E are totally unacceptable.

When is the archery range open?
a) When the rifle range is not open, I should review the posted rifle range hours to be sure.
b) After 6 because that is what the city of Issaquah demands.
c) Whenever I don’t hear any shooting.
d) Anytime that is why I have my own gate code.

Who can use the range?
a) Everyone can just leave the gate open so everyone gets access
b) Only those Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club members that have passed this exam and received a gate code, and are accompanied by no more than a single guest. Or Nonmember groups that have been approved by the board.
c) Anyone living in a ten mile radius of the club.
d) Any member of the ISC.

True or false, I am expected to lock the gate behind me when I leave?
a) True     b) False

If I’m behaving like a total jerk or being unsafe what are the repercussions?
a) I may be asked to leave the range.
b) I may be removed from the club and my dues forfeited
c) I may be charged with trespassing or reckless endangerment punishable by law.
d) All of the above. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

What if I find a target butt that is being shot through and is in real bad condition?
a) Tell the board they are dropping the ball and to do their job and pay someone to fix it.
b) Make any repairs I can so that others don’t have to deal with the problem
c) Come to the next work detail and help make sure the problem is addressed.
d) B and C are great, A is ridiculous

What if I’m the Range master but I don’t want the responsibility?
a) Just leave the range someone else will figure it out.
b) Start yelling and acting like a psychotic  so everyone else leaves and you’ll have the range to yourself.
c) Ask someone else to be the range master if they agree to be the range master, announce the change to the group.

As the range master you see someone struggling to pull their bow back and in the process aims it up in the air as they are pulling it back?
a) Issue them a warning that the bow must be drawn back at no more than 15 degrees above the target.
b) Explain to them that perhaps they should lower the draw weight so they can pull the bow back safely.
c) Explain to them that if they cannot draw the bow back in a safe manor they will need to leave the. Range until they can.
d) All of the above actions should be taken.

When is it safe to shoot arrows down range?
a) If you are the only one at the range, take a look down range and shoot only if you are sure there is no one down there. Or wait for the range master to give the line is hot signal.
b) Shoot some arrows down range to see if anyone yells at you.
c) Yell Ollie Ollie Ollie three times and wait for a response, if there is none it’s safe to shoot.
d) Wait five minutes after you return from gathering your arrows for all shooters to return from down range.

How many archers are allowed at each shooting position?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) As many as you can fit.

What is the maximum number of arrows you can shoot per end if there is more than one person at the range?
a) 15
b) 8
c) 3
d) Until I run out ! Who cares if the other shooters on the line have to wait, that’s their problem.

What equipment is allowed on the range.
a) Archery equipment legal for hunting or allowed by NFAA,  FITA or IBO.
b) Archery equipment and BB guns because they have a limited range.
c) Paint-ball guns and BB guns.
d) Any archery gear including Rambo exploding tips and poisonous pods.