If you're ready to join the club, we welcome you with open arms. Always practice safe handling.

Membership Costs:
Family Membership: $150.00
Individual Membership: $130.00

You'll also need the range rules and range etiquette documents please review these under the Gun Range section. To ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow members please read them carefully and abide by them at all times.

Range Rules


If you'd like purchase a membership, you can expedite your application process by filling out the linked application form below, once you arrive to the range we'll collect your membership fee. 

New Membership Application


If you are a non-member, you are required to fill out a non-member waiver, you can find a link to that waiver below:

Non-Member Waiver


The archery range also has additional usage requirements so please review those too by clicking on the archery range links to the left.