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Why do I need to wear hearing and eye protection on the range?

In our ongoing effort to evaluate and improve our safety environment at the ISC firing range we felt compelled to share with the public our concerns about safeguarding your hearing and sight.

The range really effects your hearing:
Without the correct protective gear, repeated expose to high decibel sound WILL cause permanent hearing loss! Please review this information-exercise provided to us by the Washington State Labor and Industries.


Why we insist you wear safety glasses:
We've actually had people say, "why do I have to wear eye protection I'm not shooting a firearm". There are typically multiple people using the range on any given day. Often these participants are using semi-automatic weapons. These firearms discharge the spent shells at an incredible velocity. We've extracted spent shells that have lodged themselves in the plywood of the ceiling. Should one of these spent shells hit your eye, you could expect permanent sight loss. Of course spent shells are not the only hazard, each participant is responsible for their own firearms upkeep. A failure in any one of those firearms could produce high velocity projectiles.These are always a risk to your sight. For these reasons and many others we will continue to insist that you wear eye protection. This is not negotiable!